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Which tool can I use to monitor mentions of certain keywords on the following social media sites? – Twitter – Facebook – LinkedIn – Google

Answer by Ana Lucia Novak:

I would use Twilert for setting up Twitter alert (mentions).  (check online and you'll find it, not sure if spelling is correct)

You can also set up Google Alerts (type those words in the google search tool bar) and log in with your gmail credentials.

Set up single words, your full name, your company name, topics or a set of words you wish to monitor.

In Hootsuite you can add a stream under a Twitter tab, and set up a "listening" stream around hashtags or keywords, names etc.

Google alerts will cover the entire web around your keywords etc., so I think that could be your best tool for monitoring LinkedIn and Facebook. With Linkedin and Facebook, you can conduct searches from their own search tool bars but I don't think there is a way to save them. In LinkedIn you can save searches.

Use the Adwords Keyword search tool to see what comes up when you type in keywords or a sentence.

I know there are listening tools that could possible cover all social channels like Radian6 so I would use the google search tool bar and search under "social listening tools" and you should get a few responses to companies and best practices.

FaceBook has a cool analytic tool called http.www.EdgeRankChecker.com (free and paid subscription model) and http://www.AllFacebookstats.com

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